MSc & PhD - Modelling atmospheric transport and dispersion



MSc & PhD student

Project: Modelling the atmospheric transport and dispersion processes of particulate matter over an urban area using a state of the art model

Studying aerosol dispersion over the Haifa bay area

Measurement-based simulations using a Lagrangian-stochastic model

Examination of the environmental impact of specific pollution sources

Close collaboration between academia and applied research institute

Funding by the Israel Ministry of Environment Protection

An opportunity to join a team that develops an important tool for environmental urban planning

The candidate will use the IIBR Lagrangian-stochastic model, which is a state of the art atmospheric transport and dispersion model. The model will be used to simulate the atmospheric transport and dispersion of particulate matter in the Haifa bay area. The goal is to develop a tool for urban planning, which will allow to evaluate the environmental impact of new roads and industrial plants.

The ideal candidate is a curious and driven person with strong communication and interpersonal skills. The candidate should be motivated to work in a multi-disciplinary environment. The candidate should have a Masters level degree in exact sciences and experience in computer programming. The candidate should have a high standard of written and spoken English.

Dr. Eyal Fattal eyalf@iibr.gov.il

Dr. Ziv Klausner zivk@iibr.gov.il

Dr. Eran Tas eran.tas@mail.huji.ac.il