Looking for a Research Associate (חוקר נלווה )

levy lab26.1.2021

The Levy Lab at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Rehovot Campus) is looking for an experienced research associate. The lab studies the genetic basis of microbial interactions with plants, microbes, and insects. It is a multidisciplinary and vibrant lab with students from different backgrounds: computational biology, microbiology, and plant biology.


       PhD in molecular biology, biochemistry or microbiology,
      preferably after postdoctoral fellowship

       Evidence of productivity in research,
       e.g.: at least one first/second authorship peer-reviewed publication
      or several years of R&D experience in the biotech industry

       High interest in science, and specifically in microbiology

       A team player

       Having patience for training inexperienced students


       Well-organized and detail-oriented


       Critical thinker


      Running an independent research in the lab

      Involvement in writing manuscripts and research grants with the PI

      Teaching the experimental students molecular/biochemical techniques

      Purchasing reagents and equipment

      Responsibility for safety at the wet lab


This is a full-time non-tenured position with benefits that are much better than a lab manager position. The salary includes a personal travel budget.

Dr. Asaf Levy

Tel +972.54.3516161 

Department of Plant Pathology and Microbiology, The Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture,
Food and Environment, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
POB 12 Rehovot 7610001 Israel
Tel +972.54.3516161 | alevy@mail.huji.ac.il