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Fusarium Wilts of Greenhouse Vegetable and Ornamental Crops


Gullino ML, Katan J, Garibaldi A. Fusarium Wilts of Greenhouse Vegetable and Ornamental Crops. APS Press; 2012 'עמ. 256.


bookThis book not only reflects current thinking on the topic of fusarium wilts, but considers them in the context of the greenhouse—an agricultural setting that is increasingly prevalent, particularly for certain crops. Fusarium wilts have always presented a challenge to greenhouse growers of vegetable and ornamental crops. The crops in this category are economically important and environmentally significant and their care is vital to our world economy and food supply. An update of this topic is long overdue and editors Lodiovica Gullino, Katan, and Garibaldi have led this effort to bring together their fellow leading scientists for a worldwide perspective as reflected by both the international assortment of chapter authors and the research cited.

The book begins with a current review of the genus Fusarium, its biology and epidemiology, genetics, and diagnosis. This includes coverage of improved diagnostic tools that permit better discrimination of the formae speciales, a crucial advance that is vital in this century long battle with Fusarium.

Management strategies, cultural practices, and genetic approaches for either preventing or containing the disease are covered in depth and provide an integrated arsenal of tactics—from breeding for resistance, to irrigation, to chemical controls. The case studies in the book provide specific discussions of key greenhouse crops giving the reader applied knowledge for diagnostic and prevention strategies by crop or crop type. Greenhouse growers and those that advise them will gain valuable insight to put into practice right away.

Anyone studying the impact of fusarium wilts will consider this book a major addition to the scientific knowledge on the topic. This text provides a very complete overview of fusarium wilt diseases and many of the most important hosts afflicted by them. The book will be a core resource for students, researchers, and extension professionals worldwide.

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